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The talented folks at the Nakatomi Inc have created quite a few prints and t-shirts of various interpretations of pop culture icons, plus original work, with artists like Clint Wilson, Paul Pope and Jacob Borshard. A personal favorite is Tim Doyle’s SMB-WTC, a part of their series of classic Nintendo inspired prints, called reNESsance.

SMB-WTC World 1-1

“World 1-1”

SMB-WTC World 1-2

“World 1-2”

SMB-WTC World 1-4

“World 1-4”

It’s almost shocking to see Mario Bros imagery in this way. There is hardly anything political or topical in Miyamoto Shigeru’s games so just seeing two massive pipes loom over scenery from the Mushroom Kingdom is striking. “Can they do that?”

Carl-Johan Johansson at the Swedish gaming site recently recommended Doyle’s take on King Hippo (from Punch-Out!! fame). I also like Clint Wilson’s take on The Girl With A Pearl Earring.

Punch-Out at the Last SupperGirl With the Triforce Earring

The work at Nakatomi Inc is a cut above the stuff found at, say,, but if you get this kind of talent to contribute work there can only be excellence, really.

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  • MalcolmLittle: Sorry for the late response! You can get ahold of them, they are out there. ;-)
  • Griffiana: Where did you get the cleaned original covers? I'm thinking of printing some copies for myself.
  • Blog 'em up-Jimmy: Haha! In the year 2000 the most famous sport is Space Rainbow Tennis!