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This might be a tad old but I recently found the November-December issue of the literary magazine The Believer (no. 67 to be exact), with cover by comic creator and master illustrator Charles Burns (as is often the case for The Believer). He does a version of Edward Hopper’s “Cape Cod Morning” depicting characters seen in the respective comics of Chris Ware and Jerry Moriarty.

Chris Ware interviews the painter and sometime comic artist Jerry Moriarty in the issue. They talk about Moriarty’s artwork and the recently reissued collection of Moriarty’s “Jack Survives” comics. Chris Ware, describing Moriarty’s work, writes that “it’s poetry—I believe the first that comics has ever seen—and poetry as fresh and affecting now as when first drawn”.

Jerry Moriarty explains his own views on “Jack Survives”:

At forty-two I was part of a community of catoonists who were the smartest people I had (and have) ever met. True artists. But the wannabe hero-painter in me resisted the cartoonist label. I spent five years dedicated to Jack Survives with side trips to refresh my painter’s “chops”. Once I left the comics world and, in time, looked back, it was clear that Jack was my first truly original art. Everything I did before Jack had the stink of PAINTING.

Comic artists Aline Kominsky-Crumb and Peter Blegvad are also interviewed in the magazine (the interview with Blegvad can be read in full at The Believer’s website).

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  • MalcolmLittle: Sorry for the late response! You can get ahold of them, they are out there. ;-)
  • Griffiana: Where did you get the cleaned original covers? I'm thinking of printing some copies for myself.
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