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The talented folks at the Nakatomi Inc have created quite a few prints and t-shirts of various interpretations of pop culture icons, plus original work, with artists like Clint Wilson, Paul Pope and Jacob Borshard. A personal favorite is Tim Doyle’s SMB-WTC, a part of their series of classic Nintendo inspired prints, called reNESsance.

SMB-WTC World 1-1

“World 1-1”

SMB-WTC World 1-2

“World 1-2”

SMB-WTC World 1-4

“World 1-4”

It’s almost shocking to see Mario Bros imagery in this way. There is hardly anything political or topical in Miyamoto Shigeru’s games so just seeing two massive pipes loom over scenery from the Mushroom Kingdom is striking. “Can they do that?”

Carl-Johan Johansson at the Swedish gaming site recently recommended Doyle’s take on King Hippo (from Punch-Out!! fame). I also like Clint Wilson’s take on The Girl With A Pearl Earring.

Punch-Out at the Last SupperGirl With the Triforce Earring

The work at Nakatomi Inc is a cut above the stuff found at, say,, but if you get this kind of talent to contribute work there can only be excellence, really.


The illustrator John Paul Thurlow has a great blog called Covers where he showcases his illustrated adaptations of his favorite magazine covers and photographs.

Just look at his illustration of this Steven Meisel photograph from Vogue Italia (no. 716, April 2010).

JPT's version of Steven Meisel

Steven Meisel's original

JPT’s version is even better than the original! Impressive.

I have just had my three week vacation and it consisted primarily of a move to a new apartment. It hasn’t been that relaxing or a rather creative period either. My gf writes for her new blog daily but I haven’t done anything besides read Robert Jordan and eat out.

As soon as I got back to work I found the interesting discussion about the new Swedish translation of the book The Coming Insurrection (“Det stundande upproret”). I bought the book when it was hot off the presses at a pleasant, and surprisingly well attended, anarchist book fair in Stockholm in June. I’ve read parts of the English translation last summer but not given it enough time to sink in. Woe is me; it seems I need to catch up.

I began to wonder how the book and the discussions in some way could help me with the computer game I’m working on, if not in any direct way at least in tone and atmosphere. It is funny how I can immediately get inspired and focused and find subjects to dive into when I am at work. In some way I need the clarity and fluidity I achieve while at my desk. It is something about the rigidity and repetitiveness of the work day (I work in IT support) that can just open me up and spure me to learn and find new impressions.

If you are interested in The Coming Insurretcion it can be found in full, in English and the original French, here. I do recommend however to find it in a comfortable printed edition.

Cover for Buzz Aldrin Space Rainbow Tennis

This is apparently a real game on the Atari 2600. The cover art is incredible, not to mention the title.

[Found via Spacecave]

You could hardly get a better cover for a “best of” album for the rockband Montrose. You could hardly get a better cover period. It is quite simply incredible.

Montrose was Sammy Hagar’s original band back in the seventies, long before he became lead singer for Van Halen.

You can listen to the album here.

A few Swedish game journalists have recently started a blog which will cover everything interesting about the wonderful world of indie gaming. The site has already reviews, short obeservations, opinion pieces and interviews with promising game developers. The blog is called Ludus Obscura, which is Latin for “Secret Games”, or “Secret Knowledge”. It’s in Swedish of course but those of you who can understand it have some really good reading in store for you!

Ludus Obscura!

I have decided to keep a personal journal seperate from my other dealings and official activities. I’ll pretty much write about anything here. Hope y’all enjoy it.


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