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I have just had my three week vacation and it consisted primarily of a move to a new apartment. It hasn’t been that relaxing or a rather creative period either. My gf writes for her new blog daily but I haven’t done anything besides read Robert Jordan and eat out.

As soon as I got back to work I found the interesting discussion about the new Swedish translation of the book The Coming Insurrection (“Det stundande upproret”). I bought the book when it was hot off the presses at a pleasant, and surprisingly well attended, anarchist book fair in Stockholm in June. I’ve read parts of the English translation last summer but not given it enough time to sink in. Woe is me; it seems I need to catch up.

I began to wonder how the book and the discussions in some way could help me with the computer game I’m working on, if not in any direct way at least in tone and atmosphere. It is funny how I can immediately get inspired and focused and find subjects to dive into when I am at work. In some way I need the clarity and fluidity I achieve while at my desk. It is something about the rigidity and repetitiveness of the work day (I work in IT support) that can just open me up and spure me to learn and find new impressions.

If you are interested in The Coming Insurretcion it can be found in full, in English and the original French, here. I do recommend however to find it in a comfortable printed edition.

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  • MalcolmLittle: Sorry for the late response! You can get ahold of them, they are out there. ;-)
  • Griffiana: Where did you get the cleaned original covers? I'm thinking of printing some copies for myself.
  • Blog 'em up-Jimmy: Haha! In the year 2000 the most famous sport is Space Rainbow Tennis!